Saturday, March 20, 2010

Be the BEST we can be

I used to very easily get sucked into gossiping. It's not that I actually harbored those bad feelings about certain people, but rather it was a way to help myself be part of the crowd and feel included. That was mostly in high school, and even though I have matured A LOT since then, I still catch myself getting into those types of conversations with people. Why?! Why do I let myself do that? And why do I feel it's ok? Maybe because I can get down on myself at times, and what better way to feel better about yourself than to focus on somebody else's problems instead of your own? That is a terrible mindset to have, and I do not want to make up excuses anymore for that kind of behavior. We were all put on this earth to do God's work, and to spread God's word...and I'm pretty sure gossip is not on that list. Lift each other up, look to find the good in people first before making judgements. The type of person I admire is one who is willing to be unpopular with the majority, in order to do what is right. I want to be that kind of person I look up to. After all, with God on your side, you have NOTHING to fear. So, let's hold ourselves to higher standards, and be the BEST we can be...that's what I intend to do.

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  1. You're growing. I see it everyday. Well, every three or four days, at least.